I'm Duncan, a user experience specialist in Vancouver, BC.

Solving business and user problems through strategic design. I work collaboratively to help uncover the right problems, finding the "why" for every "what".

About Me

Structure and form. Collaboration and curiosity. The big picture and the details. And, above all, a passion for the creation of meaningful experiences.

A designer by practice and composer by training, these concerns have guided me through both halves of my career. Together, they form the backbone of my design philosophy:

  • Respect the user. If someone has given you their time, you owe them the best experience you can provide.

  • Know your business before serving others. Without a clear strategic vision, your products will suffer.

  • Solve the right problems. Don’t stop digging until you understand the "why" for every “what”.

I believe that the best teams are made of people whose work doesn’t fit neatly into a single box. This has motivated me to build a broad skill set—from research and strategy through design, development, and launch.

Away from the computer, I try to spend as much time as I can in the mountains. When I’m at home, though, you can often find me using my musical training to write and perform songs for, and about, my cats.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about a project, or maybe want to hear one of the songs.